hilo_boi007 (hilo_boi007) wrote in armored_core,


What is going on, noone has even mentioned the last AC game for the PS2 The Last Raven or the near future release of PS3 and AC:4. Doesn't anyone give a shit anymore? Come on.
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I didn't hear it was out. Didn't they advertise it at all?
I thought it was Japan only at the moment.
This is the first I've heard about the AC game for the PS3. If they're putting one out for it then this will be the first reason for me to actually give a damn about a next-gen system.

Must research.
Well you can look up games on ign.com or gamespot.com. That's usually where I get all of my information. But PS3 will have an AC game when it is released in stores later on this fall, and what pisses me off is that microsoft bought rights to From Software so now there will be an AC game for xbox 360, along with another game I love, Tenchu. Fucking bastards, ohh well this is America where everything is for sale. I'll post any updates that I find.