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Aerial combat in AC's next game?

Why haven't AC staff developed parts for long term aerial combat?

I mean, Zone of the Enders have Yoji Shinkawa making his Orbital frames that float and fly...

What about ACs blowing the bejesus outta each other with laser cannons while they're flying like as if it's Gungriffon?
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Zone of Enders is made to be like an anime, defying the laws of physics is ok. Armored Core is a mech simulation so it adheres to real laws of physics abit more rigidly. You also have to consider things such as the war taking out alot of technology and such. Theres also the idea that mechs aren't exactly aerodynamic. The large ammount of energy to power it takes to simply power an AC, sustained flight for something not made to fly and something so no designed for flight....well....if you want zone of enders gameplay, go play zone of enders. Plus, in all respect, I just like the idea of a mobile tank instead of a "OMGZ ANIME SUPER MECH THING!"
In AC: Ninebreaker, you'll be able to boost for a VERY long time.
Okay, so i understand realism... But the intro movie showed the "hero" AC outrunning choppers in mid-air, which... kinda intrigues and confuses me at the same time.