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Wraith Flametail

Rate This AC! ("Gunfighter" series 1 of 3)

Greetings once again to everyone in the community. It's been pretty quiet, so I figured I'd make some noise up in here.

I have recently designed three ACs where I specifically kept in mind the option of using them without OP-I.

The gunfighter series consists of three ACs where I designed them with only handheld weapons to be used in concert.

I was wondering if any of you would go ahead and test/rate these ACs as I post them.

The first in the series is Duality, an AC made for mid-close range combat using the karasawa and a howitzer.

AC Duality
Designer: Wraith
Pilot/Theme: Gunfighter
AC Name: Duality

Head: MHD-MM/007
Core: MCM-MI/008
Legs: CLM-55-RVE
Booster: CBT-FLEET
Generator: CGP-ROZ
Radiator: RMR-ICICLE
Inside: N/A
Extension: KEBT-TB-UNS
Back Unit R: N/A
Back Unit L: N/A
Arm Unit L: KWG-HZL50
Paint: General

-------Base- R: 100 G: 000 B: 000
--------Aid- R: 150 G: 150 B: 060
---Optional- R: 000 G: 000 B: 000
-----Detail- R: 000 G: 000 B: 100
------Joint- R: 000 G: 000 B: 000

Notes- Engineered to be piloted with or without OP-I. Mid- to close-range combatant.


Edit: This series of three ACs will be for Silent Line. thanks for the heads-up, sykodx469.
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Which Armored Core game did you design this AC for? o_O?
Ah, thanks for reminding me about that little detail. It's for Silent Line. ::wanders off to add a little edit line in the post...::
Hmm well I don't like the Op intensify right away, but thats just me.

Howitzers are ok, they're just generally not my thing. I prefer a good sword. However, I can imagine situations where howitzers would be better.

I actually used to love using the Kurasawa. Until I realized its one of the cheapest weapons in the game. Even amateur players can conquer veterans with one. In the hands of an expert, its nigh impossible to beat.

No wonder why my friend Matt always used to get mad at me when I used it.

I like the green rifle or a good machine gun better.

Just my opinion. Looks good.
I dont dislike the KARASAWA but isnt it a bit of awaste to leave the back weapon slots empty specially when you have an op-intensify on you.....But a good combo with the KARASAWA and howie might even defeat mobius and That lowest ranking guy..........you should maximize its potential and use those lightweightnlaser cannons and some other energy weapons

So anyway Isnt there any other way to get an intensify witout having to complete 99% I dont even have the file from Armored core 3
It must have slept my mind i forgot u dont use back weapons on tis core s i have a good idea for yor next one
head oxi
core ray
arms eas
legs srvt'porcupines legs
arm left shotgun(the pink one)
arm rightmachine gun(800 ammo)(pixie3)
back ms-wake(moonsalt'booster pack)
extension side shield no usage drain(name forgoten)
booster refined ni mare(i forgot the name)
fcs Aox ana
generator vne5(mobiuos's generator)
radiator rmr-sa44