hilo_boi007 (hilo_boi007) wrote in armored_core,

Just found this!!

This is taken off of ign's website, "Customization has always been one of the attractions of the Armored Core series, and while this will continue with part 4, Zin reveals that we can expect some changes. He feels that in the Armored Core series, players tend to make modifications based exclusively on parameters, so even if they don't like a particular form of Armored Core unit, they'll use it just because it's the most powerful. The main concept of part 4 is to do away with this, giving players a better feel of having their very own Armored Core. The system will resemble buying a car and then fine tuning it. Creating your very own machine in this way was the original concept of the Armored Core series, and with the next generation platforms, From is at last making it a reality." So if this is true which it probably is then the love I have for this game is even greater. This pretty much says that the level of customization is almost limitless, creating your own parts won't be availible, but wouldn't that fucking rock? Anyway enjoy.
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