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Armored Core: NEXUS: Kazusanosuke's "Checkmate" AC

What do you think? It's a short term "gladiator" AC whose main purpose is to quickly end arena battles.


HEAD: Cicada2
CORE: Eos (with 1000+ dmg Exceed Orbits)
ARMS: Baboon
LEGS: Heavy tank leg
FCS: Limpet (Wide and shallow)
GENERATOR: Orchid (52000 condenser cap, 1000+ weight, 10000 EN output)
BACK WEAPON: Laser cannon (10 shots, 5000+ dmg)
LEFT ARM WEAPON: Moonlight Laserblade/Karasawa/Wyrm sniper rifle
RIGHT ARM WEAPON: Spirit Hi Laser rifle (40 shots, 1500+ dmg)

- Solid shell shield
- Energy shell shield
- Energy weapon amplifier, rapid fire+, and energy consumption deductor
- Cooling amplifier
- Sight lock amplifier

Main advantage: Dense armoring, its Exceed Orbits, and its weapons

Main weakness: It's VEEEEEEEEERY slow moving. It's also vulnerable to energy weapons, but has one other weakness that you have to find out by yourself.

Colors: All white.

Emblem: Raven's Ark emblem

Comments: Checkmate is strictly for isolated enemy units. it's not built for attacking enemy swarms. It has destroyed 9-ball, Crest's Raven AC DUAL FACE, and also the massive MT that turned on Navis before they ceased to exist.
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